The European Citizenship Trimester Programme (ECTP) was born in 2009 as an intra-European trimester secondary-school exchange focusing on European and Active Citizenship. ECTP is run by the European Federation for Intercultural Learning – EFIL-, namely the Federation of AFS organisations in Europe. The 3 month exchange takes place between August and November with a joint ECTP Europe Camp at the end November/beginning of December, before the students are going home to their countries. ECTP now counts 29 partners in Europe and about 300 participants. Participants are between 15 and 18 years old. The ECTP programme has 5 phases: pre-departure, hosting, Europe Camp, re-entry, follow up.



  • Gain a wider concept of Europe;
  • Appreciate European Diversity;
  • Recognize the importance of Active Citizenship;
  • Be motivated to be an Active Citizen;
  • Have the opportunity to implement Active; Citizenship throughout the programme.


  • Connection between the exchange and the fact of being European;
  • True understanding of the European dimension;
  • Knowledge on the European institutions (European Union, Council of Europe);
  • Knowledge, motivation, personal skills on how to implement Active Citizenship/European Citizenship and be an active citizen in the future;
  • Be prepared to re-entry the home country.

EFIL’s role

EFIL is responsible for providing the overall educational content of the programme and for the content and logistics of the ECTP Europe Camp, which is organised thanks to the work of a volunteer preparatory team and other volunteers providing training and logistic support. AFS sending and hosting organisations are responsible for delivering the educational content during orientations of participants according to the guidelines provided by EFIL. Participants receive regular email communication coming from the ECTP Preparatory team as from August and during the exchange.

Here you can have a look at the past editions of ECTP