During a three month exchange you learn a lot, from everyday differences like greetings, clothing and food, to language learning and integrating into your host family and your class.Imagine you can collect evidence of what you have learned through Badges! When you see how much progress you have made, it will motivate you to learn even more! But not only this – one day when you will look for a job, this will help you  present your skills to future employers too! Pretty useful, right? This system is called Open Badges.

WHAT are Open Badges and HOW can you get them?

They are digital images, which you can get after completing different tasks (or missions).

The badges exist only in electronic format. Every time you get a new badge, you will be able to share it on Facebook and other social media. You will also be able to link your badges to your CV. Someone looking at your badges will be able to click on them, and get all the information about how you have earned that badge: where, how, during which activity, and which organisation has given you the badge. However, the person will not be able to see the task/mission you have submitted.

If you are a participant in ECTP 2018, you will receive an invitation to register in the platform badgecraft.com where to join the European Citizenship Trimester Programme and start claiming badges!

Here is the Badge system for the ECTP 2018, start getting excited about all the badges you can get! To learn even more information about the system and the badges click here!