What is the ECTP?

The European Citizenship Trimester Programme (ECTP) is a special one! You are on an AFS trimester exchange focusing on a big topic: European Citizenship. This means your 3 months will let you experience a new European country, its culture, life, school, habits and make you think about differences between there and your home. For some of you who are hosted in a neighbouring country or somewhere very close to your place of origin, the differences might not be too obvious, but the ECTP will reveal a whole new world! We hope this experience will make you see many opportunities around Europe and motivate you to be active at least in some!

What are we doing at the camp anyway?

The Europe Camp will be the concluding element of your trimester exchange. 4 days full of interesting topics, workshops, visits in Brussels related to European institutions & YOUR stories. To find out more, have a look at the programme.

When do I get more information about travel etc.?

Your nice hosting AFS organization will give you all the information before you depart to Brussels. You are expected to arrive on the Sunday 3rd December, so you’ll be contacted in time beforehand by the local AFS volunteers and contact persons with travel details.

Where is the Camp exactly?

The Camp will take place in the Educational centre “Destelheide” in Dworp and “Malle” in the province of Antwerp. The venues are located outside of Brussels, so that you can spend some quality time together with your peers in a green and peaceful atmosphere! For more info, check out the Venue section on this website.

Will I be able to decide in which venue to be?

Yes and No. You will receive a survey via e-mail asking ‘with whom you would like to be at the same venue’. We will make sure you will stay with at least one of the other ECTPers you named. Please provide as many options as possible so we can sort out the puzzle a bit more easily! You will receive an e-mail around the 20th November with the information regarding the venue you have been assigned to.There is no possibility to change it.

A small exception for logistical reasons: all students hosted in Wallonie will be at the venue ‘Destelheide’ and all the students hosted in Flanders will be at the venue ‘Malle’.

Any possibility for sightseeing or a party in Brussels?

You’ll be able to see some of the Brussels highlights and explore the city in a group on Tuesday afternoon, 5th December! Bring a camera and a good photographic eye for a great time, and a scarf! No party foreseen but we will have it at the Camp venue on the last night!

Do you have winter in Belgium?

Belgium has it all and it is unpredictable! Therefore, be ready for all types of weather (yes, even within the 4 days you’ll experience meteorological conditions from all types) and bring a small umbrella and a rain jacket to make sure sudden changes won’t spoil our day out in the city. The temperature can range from 10 to -5 degrees.

What about food?

As we are in Belgium, we want to give all of you (and not only your fellow AFSers who were hosted in Belgium) the full experience: we’ll eat French fries and chocolate all the time :) Kidding – there will be fresh food for everyone’s needs, even for vegetarians! There will be a survey about dietary restrictions coming soon. Please also remember that it is not allowed to bring your own food or drinks!

What should I bring in any case?

Did you read the Hitchhikers Guide through the Galaxy by Douglas Adams? So you maybe know already what to bring. All the others be advised:  it’s essential to be prepared and never forget your own towel if you are assigned to the venue Destelheiede ! The venue does not provide it. 42 doesn’t apply this time.

Do you have merchandise ?

We proudly present the official ECTP Hoodie for the cost of 25 Euros, soon you will be able to order one!

Will I keep my big luggage with me at the Camp?

Yes, but please pack what you need for the Camp in a small backpack so you don’t need to open your huge luggage in the bedrooms and then pack again! This is much more practical for everyone!

Nice FAQ, but I couldn’t find an answer to MY question?

Don’t worry, just email us (ectp@afs.org) and we’ll publish your question here.