This year’s Europe Camp will take place in Dworp, a city close to the centre of the Brussels Region and in Malle, a city located in the province of Antwerp.


The venue is equipped with several meeting rooms, dining rooms and a bar for leisure evenings. As the venue does not provide our group with towels, please remember to bring your own towel.

Some impressions of the camp site:

Have a look at their website (Dutch only!) :

Education Center Destelheide
Destelheidestraat 66
1653 Dworp
Tel. (32) 2 380 39 15


In Malle there is a variety of meeting rooms, a well maintained bar and an area of ​​over 12 hectares with a modern sports infrastructure. The venue provides towels for our group.

Some impressions of the venue:

Visit their website to experience a virtual tour (Dutch only):

Education Center Malle
Smekenstraat 61
2390 Malle
Tel. (32) 3 312 80 00