Your school wants to widen the learning opportunities for students?

Sending and Hosting students as part of the European Citizenship Trimester Programme can be the answer!

outgoing students: before departure participants will trigger discussion in the classroom about what is Europe and what it means to bean active citizen, and about the country he/she will be going to. During the trimester abroad the student and the classroom in his host country can keep in touch and discover about life in the host country. After the programme, the student will share his experience with the classroom and initiate projects linked to the language learned,  Europe and Active Citizenship. He/she will present the opportunities offered by the exchange programme to his fellow classmates and motivate them to also take part in this great adventure.

incoming students: hosting a student from another European country in the classroom and school provides to classmates a great learning experience. Hosted students can present their own country, their own language, make a research/project with their new classmates on what is their join vision on Europe and on what being an active citizen in their community and in Europe means. Classmates can keep in touch with the hosted student after the exchange to cultivate an European friendship, increasing the sense of European identity, and further improve language skills

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