Alumni Initiative

In 10 year of ECTP more than 2000 students have participated in the programme.

In order to celebrate the 10th edition we have reached out to former ECTP participants to see how they have used their experience from the programme and have made an impact in their society.  We collected several telling testimonies and invited some of them to come speak at the Europe Camp to inspire participant the way they had been inspired.

ECTP camp has been one of my favorite experiences in life; it has given me new perspectives about life, it directed me in the way of beliving that I can be that one special individual that can change the environment around myself. I believe that exchange and ECTP camp can really easily show the real way for young people to find their way to the improvement of the world.

Karmen, ECTP 2015

What I experienced on my ECTP was meeting people from all over the world, making strong bonds that I have to this day and being able to look back at a completely different but foundation-building part of my life. The camp I attended was a great ending to a life-changing experience. It was also my first real contact with EFIL and the moment where I thought “I want to be here again one day”.

Joseph, ECTP 2016

More Testimonials

ECTP 2014

It might be a cliché but living abroad changes you and not necessarily in the way you expected. Before the exchange you have some expectations: some of them come true, some of them won’t but as a result your attitude, personality and the way you see yourself and others will change in a good way. more


Many ECTP participants love to share their journey and their experiences! Check out their blogs to see the ECTP through their eyes.