ECTP 2014

It might be a cliché but living abroad changes you and not necessarily in the way you expected. Before the exchange you have some expectations: some of them come true, some of them won’t but as a result your attitude, personality and the way you see yourself and others will change in a good way. Everything I have been through during those 3 months helped me to appreciate and evaluate things I had never thought about before. Almost 4 years have passed but I still have so vivid flashbacks.

I turned 18 at the camp in Brussels and got a gummy-bear-cake from the whole group, it was incredibly touching. All the games, the conversations and shared experiences were beneficial for my re-entry. All the ambivalent feelings needed to be expressed, either by me or by somebody else. During ECTP, you cannot not gain experience. Acceptance, endurance and wider view of the world, this is what you get as a “send-off” from the camp.